Observations about Curating from Class Readings

In class throughout the course of the semester, we were asked to think about patterns of curation that arose from the various texts we were assigned. Five different things stood out to me about the curating process after reading and thinking critically about the works. The first is that curation is often centered around the preservation of something, whether it be culture or information. The purpose of creating a collection is so that viewers can refer to it as a point of reference in the future. As well as this, I observed that each curator seems to have their own individual methods or strategies for their work. This is likely based on personal preference, or what they have found is most effective through trial and error. Another thing I noticed is that there seems to be a difference between individual versus group curation projects. I assume that this is because an individual has the capability to exert complete control over the outcome of the project, whereas a group must all come to an agreement about what stays and what goes. Next, I felt that there was a slight difference between curating in the digital environment and curating in the real world. Curating in a digital environment is much easier because the Internet provides such a wide variety of objects available to anyone. In the real world, it is not always as easy to find things that fit the collection being created. Lastly, I think the size of curated collections are something that should be looked at. Smaller collections are not necessarily better than larger, and vice versa. Curating is about quality more so than quantity.


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