My Curated Collection – Breaking Bad

For my personal curated collection, I decided I wanted to focus on my favorite television program of all time: AMC’s Breaking Bad. I thought a lot about each of the different characters and how they each changed dramatically over the course of the show’s five seasons. I originally wanted to look at major characters whom are present in all of the seasons, such as Walt, Jesse, Skyler, Saul, and Hank. However, when I began to do research and collect information and images, I began to feel that this goal would be a bit too large. I decided it would be better to choose one character and specifically focus on his or her development, and the most obvious choice was Walt.

I decided to begin my collection from the very first episode of the show. Although I have personally seen every episode of the series, I did not think that relying on memory would suit me best. I searched for online resources, and found a few sites which offered in depth summaries of each episode. I then went through and picked out key, defining moments that altered Walt’s perception or personality. There were more than I could have even imagined, and I ended up having to choose what was most important. I next selected images from each episode that I felt were well aligned with the events I would detail.

In total, I ended up with thirty four separate entries that followed Walt from his time as a high school teacher to his run as the drug kingpin Heisenberg. I felt that my work was effective because I had to really assess how each experience shaped Walt into the man he becomes by the show’s conclusion. Although extensive, I feel my collection is an accurate portrayal of his character’s transformation.


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