eBay’s Curated Collections

The idea of curating content has become vastly popular on social media sites, thus it is no surprise that other major websites are looking to this procedure as a way to increase sales. eBay is just one of the many sites that have experimented with the idea of curation. Recently, they launched a new site feature, Curated Collections. According to their press release, eBay feels that “shopping on [our site] is unlike shopping anywhere else – it’s a place to discover things you love and things you never knew you needed. Now anyone can create their own collection on eBay and fill it with all their dream items.”

Personally, it somewhat surprises me that sites like eBay and Amazon have taken so long to acknowledge the benefits of curating. However, the press release states that “eBay is a technology company” and that they “understand that retailers, brands, and sellers of al sizes need a new set of solutions to deliver the kinds of experiences consumers expect in today’s environment.” The addition of Curated Collections shows that eBay is committed t keeping up with the times.

Curated Collections come along with many new features for the eBay website. They are as following:
1.) Collections: groups of products that have been carefully chosen from eBay’s extensive online catalogue by expert curators, as well as everyday buyers and sellers

2.) Curators: “top trendsetters” whom have been selected by eBay, representing a variety of different interests. These curators work to create collections that will help users find content they love more readily and easily.

3.) Follow: eBay has taken a note from many social media sites and added this feature to their own site. It’s a simple and easy way for you to personalize the information you receive. Each user has the ability to follow collections, curators, fellow eBay users, and interests.


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