The Chive

So I basically just wanted to expand on my presentation and shed some light on the actual curating that is involved with The Chive, because I don’t think I related the two enough. The Chive’s central theme is utter randomness, with new galleries constantly coming out every day, some being one-hit-wonders, while others become staple facets of the Chive site. I tried to do as much research as I could on just how exactly the Chive team goes about collecting their images, but every answer I found was relatively simple and similar: they just tear up the Internet looking for funny shit. However, when a particular thread gets significant popularity, the team throws out another one, and if the feedback is good, the thread is here to stay. While searching through the Chive app on my phone, I realized that there are a lot more constant threads than I was aware of. As I mentioned in class, you’ve got “Cat Saturday,” “Daily Morning Awesomeness,” and “Daily Afternoon Randomness.” But then you also have “Friday Dopamine Dump” which consists of entertaining pictures related to the end of the work week and the upcoming weekend. “You have You Can Find Beauty in the Strangest Places,” which is a series of pictures that basically depict the title word for word, and are typically really heartwarming. There’s “I want thaaat,” which is a gallery full of cool and weird shit ranging from cars to appliances to food to vacation spots, etc. “Animals That Don’t Suck,” which is basically just a plethora of cute animals. “You Can’t Explain That,” which consists of pictures of things that just don’t quite make sense. “I miss college…” which shows outrageous pictures sent in by college students. The list goes on and on. Basically, the Chive’s method of curating is a very simple one. Find any image or video or fun fact that is entertaining, and throw it up on the site.  While curating should typically involve a little more effort than that, Chive is still a participant in that process, just perhaps in the simplest manner possible. 


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