Curating YouTube

This project is incredibly fascinating. In response to being asked to advise institutions on how to effectively archive Internet-based art, curators Robert Sakrowski and Constant Dullaart have made it their mission to bring web art into the real and tangible art world, a feat that has not yet been accomplished. According to their website, their task is driven by accepting the reality that there is no longer a a difference between the Internet and real life – the virtual and the physical are now one in the same. To adapt to this, “museums are under a cultural obligation to follow, facilitate and communicate the ongoing aesthetic definition and the discussions surrounding the terms that are the corner stones of our culture.” In other words, both museum and web curators are working hand-in-hand to let these worlds collide. In an interview with Sakrowski, he explains that the key to the success of online works (videos) are largely “dependent on the context in which they are viewed if they are to function as intended.” And that is what he wants to see in action. He wants to install exhibits in museums in which people have access to previously chosen YouTube videos, and film them while they watch. He and Dullaart hope to go even further than that, and are in the middle of developing a template in which YouTube users can “curate their own playlists” of videos – one being a video they found on the site, the other, being posted right along side it, a video of themselves watching the video. This whole concept is a little bizarre and unnecessary to me, but interesting nonetheless, and I’m curious to see where the project goes. 


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