Cultural Theorist – Awad Ibrahim

Awad Ibrahim is an associate professor at the Faculty of Education of the University of Ottawa. He used to teach for more than five years in Education and American Culture Studies Program at Bowling Green State University, Ohio. He is a doctoral graduate of the University of Toronto and teaches and is published in the areas of Hip-Hop studies; Black pop culture; minority adolescents; racially and linguistically mediated identities; antiracism and critical multiculturalism; applied socio-linguistics and cultural studies. Because I am doing my final paper on Hip Hop and education.

Awad has been one of the biggest sources in finding information and research on the subject. He has published widely and explored the connections between race, language, globalization, culture and the politics of identity, focusing on the impact of Black popular culture on young people. He also focuses a lot on language and the dialogic relation between continental and diasporic African identities.  He was recently awarded (with Dr. Alden Craddock) over one million dollars by Higher Education for Development (USAID/MEPI) to conduct research in civic education in Morocco and Lebanon, which is a continuation to his previous work in Kenya and South Africa dealing with civic education and linking schooling with indigenous knowledge. Originally from the Sudan, he is fluent in seven languages, including Arabic, English, French and Italian. I think this dude is really knowledgeable and inspirational. We need more people like him doing some real work in the world that can really help make a difference in peoples lives, specifically children and minorities. 



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