Ziauddin Sardar- Cultural Theorist

One contemporary cultural theorist that I don’t believe we spoke about at any point in class is Ziauddin Sardar, a Pakistan born and English raised scholar and author of over 30 books, mostly on cultural studies relating to Islam. As a believing Muslim, one of Sardar’s main focuses is on the future Islam. This is a particularly relevant topic to modern society, as a large shift is occurring in the populations of Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa to a potentially future Muslim majority. As the increase of Islam comes, so an increase in fundamentalist and extremist groups within the religion come as well. Though a Muslim, as a cultural studies theorist, Sardar is an advocate of multiculturalism. Because of this, some have categorized him into the camp of postmodern thinkers, but Sardar interestingly does not advocate postermodernism, thinking it a continuation of western philosophy, and imperialistic in its operation. In regards to Islam, Sardar takes a more modern approach to the Koran, the holy book of Islam, seeing it as useful and important to the faith, but not to be followed as strictly and literally as many Muslims would like it to be, interpreting in its own context, but also the context of today. In the context of the cultural studies of this class, Sardar represents a theorist who has applied many of the same constructs and ideas we have discussed, but to a demographic we have not discussed in great detail, but a a demographic we will experience more and more contact with and influence throughout the coming generations.


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