Individual Presentation

After watching a series of presentations I’ve been considering sites that seem to exhibit several different types of curating processes. For my presentation I am going to consider the online archive for New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. This website provides digital documentation of the garments that are and have been on display in FIT’s museum in New York City. I find this site to be very effective in its organization because there are several different ways in which you can conduct a search. First and foremost, the site has a bar on the left hand side that has a series of clickable dates stretching all the way back to the 17th Century and up through the “2010s.” Once you select a time period, you can refine the search to certain types of garments (i.e. men’s suits, women’s dresses, etc.). Even further, if you return back to the home page you can enter your garment of interest (no matter what year it’s from) and the search results will provide you with a collection specific to your search. The aspect of this site that I found most interesting was that there are actually a list of tightly curated exhibits that have been on display in the museum in the past and have now been saved on the digital archive. These exhibits are strictly organized and provide extensive background information on their purpose as well as each garment selected for the collection. I personally found this site to be very effective in its projected goal (as expressed in the home page) because of the variety of ways the information could be accessed.


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