Honors Thesis Curating Process

In order to graduate from the Honors Program, along with a series of other requirements, students must present a final thesis presentation on a topic of their choosing. As an English major and performance poet I decided my final project would be a chapbook of poetry representing my progression as a writer, performer and ultimately as an individual. In order to do this successfully I have had to employ a rigorous curation process from the very start. Considering the purposes of this project, I could not simply pick a theme and write a series of poems based on that origin of thought. I had to dig deep into my archives–namely, my word documents from over the past four years– and evoke a theme from a carefully selected group of pieces that were relative to one another but also served the purposes of illustrating some sort of progression in perspective. As of now, the collection goes by the title Towards a More Radiant Future and consists of a variety of pieces that illustrate the progression from the premature and objective consideration of the unfortunate and uncontrollable occurrences of life to a point of acceptance. Likewise, the works within the collection are representative of  my increasing dynamic in terms of the poetic arts. While some of the pieces remain in the nature of “stream of consciousness” or “free verse” writing others adhere strictly to stanzaic structure and poetic form. For the time being, the collection is organized for the purposes of displaying a thematic arch but considering the project through the lens of a curator gives me many different angles to consider for the purposes of our final presentation for this class.


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