Etsy Project Update

I’ve gotten my Etsy project kind of under control at this point. I am making my lists of 16 items on Etsy, and then writing a blog entry for each list. I was having some trouble with the exact format of the blog, and writing descriptions. I changed my blog theme which surprisingly helped a lot. I also am now breaking each list into categories of objects, and talking about those categories, instead of going through and describing each item like I was before. This saves a lot of time, and makes the posts a relatively reasonable length.

Because I am no longer describing all of the items in each lists, I have pictures included in the blog. There are about three or four pictures per category for each list. If you click on the picture, you are taken to that item’s original Etsy page. I have found this works a lot better than describing each item because that took up way too much time and space. I was having some trouble fitting all the pictures in nicely, but once I changed my blog theme they looked a lot better. I still have a substantial amount to do. I need to finish creating all my lists; I have about four or five left to go. I also need to write up the rest of the blog entries; there are about seven left. I am finding some pretty interesting themes though, especially in the Men and Women lists. Overall I have to say things are progressing pretty well.


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