Progress on Curated Collection

Working within the context of western literature has been an interesting experience. It’s so different from the literature that I’ve been studying for the several years in college, as archetypes are very obvious, and the lines between good and evil are very clearly set for each work. Contrastingly, the literature I’ve studied in college (for the most part) has been much more focused on originality and profoundness, which means every work is usually much different from another. However, I still enjoy the likes of L’amour, Grey, and others like them. Part of this could be because I don’t like things to be all that complex- simple can be very relaxing! Since I’m doing a similar project for my thesis paper, I’ve been able to do a bit of crossover work. I’ve been able to delve a little more into L’amour’s “Sackett” saga, which traces the roots of a family originally from England, to their final home in the American West, fighting for justice and seeking adventure along the way. A non-L’amour work that I’m going to do a little more research on is Larry McMurty’s 1985 novel, Lonsome Dove, which gained a great amount of popularity as a television mini-series starring Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones. The novel tells a story of a group of cowboys that drive a heard from Texas to Montana, meeting trials, tribulations, and various adventures along the way. What sets this work apart from a work by one such as by Louis L’amour is its’ increased complexity of the characters introduced, mixing their negative and positive qualities. This is juxtaposed with L’amour, whose protagonists remain, for the most part, pure in thought, word, and deed.


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