Online Curating Project Update

I’ve been trying to work on my online curating project a lot over the past couple days. I officially decided to make nine lists, one for each main category on Etsy. I am searching the word “book”, making a sample from the items that come up, and then writing blog posts on each list. I note the themes that come up in each list, and explain why I chose each item. After all the lists have been explained, I will look back and compare what common themes turn up on books throughout the Etsy site. I will also look at what themes are different, and compare and contrast if necessary.

This is turning out to be a bigger project than I thought it would be honestly. It takes a while to chose items that will give the lists a sense of diversity, and some of the categories such as “Home and Living” don’t have many options to choose from. I’ve made three full lists so far, and am working on the fourth. I only have two blog entries though, one introductory one and another explaining the first curated list, which is under the subject of “Art”. I am glad that I started the project early. So far, I have been seeing common themes in the lists, at least for the art one. I am unsure whether I should break up the blog posts for each list, because the first one I did was pretty long. I tried labelling sections of the analysis to make it look better, and easier to follow. The curation project is kind of a trial and error process so far, but it’s coming along fairly well.


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