I never wrote about what went into researching the personal collection and annotated bibliography in regards to using MLA databases. I usually don’t use the libraries MLA database, or any database for papers which is probably why I have not written many good research papers in the past. Anyways, when diving into the journey of researching for my annotated bibliography a whole world was definitely opened up to me especially when using JSTOR and WORLDCAT. Using the good ol library is also just my favorite. I went to the black studies section on the second floor and found mad books on Hip Hop and its dilemma in America. This of course I found using the library’s website too.. but we all know how to search for books by now i hope. SO yeah, JSTOR was definitely a big help and I also realized that you can search other universities syllabi and information about any specific subject class that you are interested in. I searched the curriculum of a black studies class from Wellesley and its cool seeing how other teachers are curating  their master lists of literature and what they are aiming to teach to their students. Overall there’s just lots of information on the internet and I just realized how overwhelming that is, it definitely made me narrow down what my overall topic for the research paper was going to be.


I’m sure you guys have all been to those library research days with your classes at least once by now, but here are some of the MLA databases that they tell you about that are really useful:

Lit Finder, Times digital Archive (this one you can type two or three words and a subject into), E Brary (lots of options and highlights all of the words you typed in in the results), GALE LITERATURE RESOURCE CENTER (really good (maybe the best) if you’re all about literature!) Humanity source, and project muse.

And don’t forget there is always the Oxford English Dictionary!


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