Curating Project

Originally I was thinking about comparing news networks for my curating project but I think I’m not going to do that anymore. I had work the other day, then I got off. When I did I went to the bar where I worked and had a few drinks with some co-workers. I was speaking to this older dude, I think he was born sometime in the late sixties or early seventies, and another guy who was born in 81. We were comparing the TV shows and general environment of our early years . . . some obviously earlier than others. We were loosely examining how things have changed, primarily in our discussion, how video games have advanced and how alcohol and woman are treated in television. The late sixties early seventies guy was talking about Andy Griffith, the eighties guy was talking about the cartoons he was into, I was listening along with adding tid bits here and there to fuel our discussion. This conversation gave me an idea on what I could do for my project. Both of these guys have collections of some of the shows they had watched growing up and throughout their lives. I thought it might be a good idea to do a cultural analysis through looking at these shows from a theoretical standpoint, kind of like what I was looking for with the Rocko’s Modern Life thing. I would examine things such as language, clothing, camera effects/lighting, music, setting, etc. etc. From the characteristics of these shows I hope to gain a bit of insight into the age in which they were created, of course keeping in mind these images are rooted in pop culture, a fact that must be remembered when undergoing analysis. For my own benefit it might be good to also examine some of the fringe cultures that co-existed with these shows, video game systems, etc. of the day to give a broader, while at the same time, more definite context by which I can examine American culture. This is going to take a lot more TV watching than I’m used to, but I’m hoping if I space out well enough I can get through it with some good results.


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