Curated Collection Progress

I’m gradually refining my ideas for my curated collection, but I’ve already settled on highlighting several novels in the western fiction genre, some which overlap with my research paper on Louis L’amour’s works. L’amour produced a very entertaining (if you’re into the genre at least) series called the “Sackett” novels, chronicling the journey of a family who comes from the Welsh area of Great Britain during the age of exploration through several generations, eventually ending up in American West. L’amour also wrote some works of a more versatile nature, though continuing the western theme. My favorite one of these is his exciting and thrilling novel, “Last of the Breed” about an American Air Force pilot of Native American descent who is shot down flying over Russia during the cold war. In addition to L’amour, I’m currently working my way through a Zane Grey novel (probably his best known), “Riders of the Purple Sage”. This novel has inspired films and even the name not one, but two western music groups. The book follows adventures of man at opposition with Mormons in late 1800s Utah. Yet another work that I have already read and will probably add to my curated collection is Clair Huffaker’s page turner “The Cowboy and the Cossack”, which tells the story of several Montana Cowboys commissioned to drive a heard of cattle across the steppes of Russia. Finally, thanks to the other David in this class, I’m going to start working through a short western novel by Richard Matheson. Matheson is probably best known for his very well written novela “I Am Legend”, and his television writing for shows such as “Kolchack: The Night Stalker”. Knowing his reputation for very engaging writing, I’m looking forward to the possibility of including his book as well.


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