Creative Time

Over the weekend my friend Julia visited and was telling me about her new internship in Brooklyn. I think you guys will be interested in hearing about it because it really relates to our class in a modern way. She works for a project called “Creative Time”, which is involved in the distribution of art and music in the city. Because the city is such a large place with so much going on, this project tries to tie everyone together by using contemporary art – and its completely free! The idea is to get everyone viewing the art by putting it in popular, open, and easily accessible places throughout the Burroughs. Not only do the people get to view the art for free, but they have direct interaction with it. 

We have talked a lot about how to world is in an age of constant change, with one fad in and then out the other door in a matter of days. With these fast paced trends ruling our lives, it is great to see a community that accepts this and that wants to give the city an explosion of different tastes. They state on their website that “We are committed to presenting important art for our times and engaging broad audiences that transcend geographic, racial, and socioeconomic barriers”.

The “important art” aspect is where Julia and some of her team mates come in. Her job is to curate the art, aka decide what the people in the city really want to see. There are so many different types of people in the city, but humans are also very similar and she says its very interesting to see the common things that bring everyone together; the things that everyone can enjoy. You can also have a part in volunteering and having an active role in the events, so its nice (or is it?) to see that anyone’s opinions can play a role in organizing and designing. Perhaps one could say that only professionals should have a big role in such large scale events like this. All in all, I think its bright projects like this that can bring people outside and face to face with art and each other, which sometimes seems hard to do genuinely in our time or hiding behind technology and other simulated outlets. 


Here’s a link for Creative Time- they have a lot of information and if you click on their projects and events section there’s a lot going on that you can check out and be a part of!


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