Beats having to search for Music

Since I am probably doing my research paper on the curation of music, I thought I would search the internet for how music is being distributed these days. I immediately saw that a new App recently came out that provides a perfect line up of music for listeners, Unlike Pandora, which is geared towards your personal preferences, but not exactly what you always might want. Beats Music was created by expert curators to make sure your entire listening experience is 100 percent flawless. On their website, they claim that their expertise combined with the best technology delivers the songs you want to hear one after the other without fail.

Here’s how it works: 

Instead of just typing an Artist you like and having them sort out similar ones, this App is emotion based. They give you sentences to fill out, such as “I am at BLANK location, am feeling BLANK. You then can say if you are alone or with other people, and what genre of music you are usually into. When they start playing music, the more you click “like”, the more songs they filter through to get the next best song. The goal is to not get you skipping any songs they offer. 

There is a whole “curators” section on the website. This gives a list of the noted corporations that help in making the music decisions, such as Rollingstone and Pitchfork. It is good to know that they have a lot of experts, but makes me wonder if this makes it too driven by popular musical resources. These are major magazines that have contracts with certain artists and that are trying to promote certain things, because in the end they are still big businesses. It would be nice if there was a section on it for Independent Artists or even music that is made on websites like Soundcloud, which anyone can make projects on. If it is only popular music being pushed into peoples ears, the people might not have as much control in this perfect App as they advertising. This of course, would mean searching, listening, and categorizing all of the music that is put out on the internet, which would be a massive curating job. I guess if that was initiated it could possibly give many new jobs to people, but it would also be hard to do because not everyone is an expert in curating music,( whatever that means since the labeling of music can be pretty subjective and objective at the same time). 

One thing about this App that is different from free streaming websites such as Grooveshark and Spotify is the monthly charge to listen. Some people believe that the free Apps questions the dignity of the struggling musicians, for the poor old music industry has been failing in sales for some time now. Of course, these free music distributors infiltrate your mind about every 10 minutes with annoying Ads for things like visiting the state of Rhode Island, which no one would EVER want to willingly hear. All of these musical Apps are easy and convenient to use, but in the end it really takes away the whole personal journey of hand picking your own music, and like we have discussed in class, its not so bad to hear some music you don’t like once in awhile, just to know its out there. 


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