TED Talks and Curation

For this week’s blog, I found an article on TED talks. For those who don’t know, TED talks are videos in which a person who is considered an expert in their field talks about what they do, or what research they are working on. Here’s a link to the website. On the site, there is a fairly large collection of talks- well over a thousand. The talks cover a wide range of topics, from government surveillance, to one talk called “Love-You’re Doing It Wrong”. They’re pretty interesting, and I recommend checking them out.

The people who run TED see themselves as curators. They choose people to talk, record the talks, and then put them online where the public can search through them, and watch what they like. The article I found looked at the types of videos that were most popular on the TED website and other sites like Youtube. The results were interesting.

The study found that overall, a majority of the presenters were male. Men accounted for about 73% of the presenters in the videos.  It also found that videos by male presenters were most likely to be watched on Youtube. One explanation for this could be that there are generally more men involved with science than women, and science is something that many of the TED talks focus on.  It raises the question if TED is doing a good job curating their talks, and if they should make an active effort to include more women speakers.


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