Battlestar Galactica Update

I’ve now seen up to episode nine in this series, and it’s been a hectic ride.  Even though I’m this far in there are still several things that confuse me, number one being how exactly the cylon woman found her way into the doctor’s consciousness, and what her purpose is other than to give him an obsession.

    I think the best relation to the curating theme comes in the issue that the humans face of trying to sort out who is and who isn’t a cylon. Inconveniently, the cylons look and act like humans, and are somehow part biological, so identifying them is tricky at best. This brings up all kinds of questions that the human leaders will have to face about what makes something human. the doctor is thus faced with an impossible task of trying to process all the test results for the detector he has developed, but in episode nine it’s revealed that it will take years and years to process everyone, making the detector virtually useless except for processing the leaders.

Also for this posting, I wasn’t able to attend the visit to the Dorsky, but I did visit last semester for my American Lit. II class, and we saw the contemporary Tibetan pieces, many which were very moving. One of the most interesting pieces in my opinion was the Tibetan Mono Lisa, which served as a distortion of the original Da Vinci painting to highlight western influence in Tibet.


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