Our Museum Trip

I thought our trip to the museum was really interesting. For one thing, I had never been there before, so just going was kind of a cool experience. The exhibits in the museum were really varied, and definitely curated in different ways. The first exhibit I went to was the Mary Reid Kelley one.  I went in not knowing anything about the exhibit, and feel liked I walked out also not really knowing much about the exhibit. It was weird. However, it was curated very well. Most of the art in the room was black and white, which fit the room perfectly, with the dark floors and white walls. I feel like if the exhibit was shown in one of the other rooms instead, it wouldn’t have looked as good. So the space where the collection was displayed was very well chosen.

When I walked in, I went to the right side of the room first. There hung a lot of paintings, that didn’t really have anything to do with the movies. I think it was a great decision to include those, because they gave you an idea of Kelley’s artistic style. I then moved on to the movie, which was playing down a darkened kind of hallway. The movie was very well placed in the room, and the sound was loud, and allowed to echo around the rest of the exhibit, so that when you were on the other side of the room, you would randomly hear a dog barking. The chairs also seemed to be chosen specifically, because they were a lot lower than normal chairs. When I sat down, I almost fell because I wasn’t expecting them to be so short.  All in all, it added to the feeling of an altered reality, which it seems like Kelley was going for. The rest of the room was primarily devoted to props and scenery from the movies, all organized into different sections. There were other films playing, but they were not allowed to echo like the main movie was.

The other exhibits were a lot different than the first one. The Eugene Speicher exhibit was in rooms that had nice warm colored wood floors, and it immedialty inspired a much more comfortable feel than the first exhibit. The pictures were grouped together as portraits, drawings and sketches, landscapes, photos of the artist, and flower pictures (I’m not sure what the correct term for that is). One of the things I liked better about this exhibit was how the curator decided to put notes next to each work that described a little bit about the work, as well as about Speicher himself. It made me feel more connected to the artist than I did with Kelley’s work.

The 80s exhibit was also well organized with notes. The pictures were organized around the edges of the room, and there were things like jewelry displayed in the center. One of the things the two exhibits shared was the great way they were organized. Overall, I thought the trip was really interesting, and the curation of all the exhibits was very well done.


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