Reddit: Love it and Hate it

I want to talk about a website called Reddit. Reddit is a site where you can browse, ask, answer, or search for just about everything. Reddit works like the many of the Internet forums online. The information is updated by members and is viewable from a link that either will connect you to a source off-site or, if the information is from the user, be directly on a forum. They sort the content by subject, called “Sub-reddits”, and from there gets sorted by popularity in the form of “up votes” and “down votes”. If users “down vote” the post, then it will be pushed near the end of the queue where little to no one will see it. If the post receives a huge number of “up votes” and a discussion evolves, then it will be at the top where millions might see it. As with the post, comments are also sorted by popularity.

 The site has a massive number of enthusiastic members that are also contributing members of society. In my opinion, reddit is literally the best place to crowdsource. It’s truly a site that can cater to everyone. Yet, what happens when content and comments are sorted by popularity? Occasionally the top post is insightful, educating or entertaining. Yet, more often the content is banal at best. The reality of Reddit is young teens or adults posting in an effort to impress others on the site in order to be ranked high in popularity. So people post simple, agreeable, and occasionally interesting things with the hopes of gaining temporary anonymous fame. In addition to this, many of the popular post on reddit are open to anyone to comment on anything. You may click on a post about and find the members added nothing of value to the subject. Thankfully, certain sub-reddits give rules and limitations so you can avoid some unhelpful members.


All in all I would that reddit is a great resource for learning and entertainment but curating by popularity makes the site endlessly frustrating. When it works as intended, it has great value. Yet, for every one post that is captivating and worthy, there are ten that can make it seem like just another pointless social media site.  


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