Museums are Important!

One of the sites I use as a procrastination aid is Buzzfeed. I know lots of people complain about how it’s stupid, and the lists are unoriginal, but sometimes I just want mind numbing, occasionally funny things to look at. So, as I was roaming the site, and putting off writing this entry, I came across this article. The article is about the U.S Army Center of Military History. The Center stores a huge collection of firearms, cannons, uniforms, and other military things from the pre-Revolutionary War era up to today. It has rare, sometimes one of a kind items that can’t be found anywhere else.

On top of this, the Center also has a collection of military art – about 16,000 pieces. A lot of the art pieces are painted by soldiers, and represent their reactions to war, and their perspectives on fighting. Included with the soldiers paintings are pictures taken from Nazi Germany at the end of World War II, including pictures painted by Hitler. I got really excited when I read about the art collection because it seems like an important part of American history, which I wanted to go see.

Unfortunately,  the amazing collection is not open to the public. Much like my last post highlighted, there is simply no space to store the items so that the public could view them. The Center does not have a museum.  This is a real shame, because a museum dedicated to the art pieces alone would really provide an interesting perspective to the public, especially because  most people have not experienced war first hand. It would also provide a very interesting look back on war times from a historical perspective. There is a group, the Army Historical Foundation, that is trying to raise money for a museum in order to make the collection available to the public.  I really hope they’re able to raise the money because a collection like this one is too important to be kept tucked away.


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