I’m only about 3 episodes in, but Battlestar Galactica has been pretty interesting so far. The thing that strikes me most is the mythical and religious allusions to past works. The theme song is very spiritual and I looked that up and found out it is lines taken from the Rig Veda. This goes along with the whole aspect of Cylon’s never being able to actually die, but constantly being reincarnated into a new collective mind and body. I also immediately noticed that names were very specific, such as Commander William Adama. His last name is clearly taken from Adam in the Bible, who was the first man on Earth. This name also means dirt, soil, and Earth itself, for BattleStar Galactica seems like it is really a retelling of the biblical stories in a futuristic way. There are also plenty references to Greek mythology, such as the ship Apollo and the 12 colonies having symbols based off of the Greek zodiac. These 12 colonies can also be compared to the 12 tribes of Israel in the Bible, which is a reflection of them looking for the holy “Promised Land”, which in this case is our planet Earth. 


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