A new curating site that has recently entered my life in the past couple of months is TUMBLR. I never even considered it to fall under that category, but after using it for awhile now I can see how it deals with the ideas we have talked about thus far in class. TUMBLR is pretty similar to Stumble upon which was mentioned before, in which it lets you browse through various pages of information. It is run a little differently however, being that it is slightly less random in the pages that it presents to you. This is because you have the ability to “follow” specific pages that have proven to you that they might be something of interest to your character. 

TUMBLR lets you post your own things to share, or re post what other people are putting on

their own page. This creates a huge network of sharing and re-posting with a community of like minded strangers. When you Follow specific people, it is like you are picking what you consider to be worthy of keeping and sharing with others, and there it remains on your own page history. You can put anything really on this website, from your own personal ideas and quotes to famous sentiments. This presses upon the idea of who owns the information and knowledge of what is being passed around, because you don’t have to cite where you are getting your posts, and things get re-blogged so many times that you cant even tell where it originated from.

People’s Tumblrs can be organized into very specific themes such as “pictures of goats standing on things”, or just a random free for all of cool stuff that people appreciate. My personal Tumblr isnt too particular of order, but you can probably see a few themes that I am trying to keep and pass on.  



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