“If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen”

This quote has become a commonly used one since the birth of the smartphone app known as Instagram, a form of social media that is strictly limited to photographs. The app has quickly become an epidemic, allowing its users to constantly update the world on what they’re doing at any given moment by providing a visual, as opposed to say, Facebook’s preferred method of accomplishing this through written statuses. Restricted by having only the ability to both provide and observe pictures, Instagram offers a much more simple way for people to collect and connect. While many people tend to get carried away, feeling the need to show their followers every meal they ate that day, excessive pictures of their pets, etc., Instagram has nonetheless become one of the most perfect examples of content curation at its best. It grants each of its users the power of being a curator, while simultaneously allowing them to be curated. Given the app’s growing popularity, users now have the option to follow not only their friends and family, but celebrities, businesses, clothing lines, health and fitness programs, even just pictures of cute animals. A friend of mine has delved fairly deep into the Insta-world, with some of her favorites to follow being “cats of Instagram,” Lindsay Lohan, and something about creative diets that I can’t remember the name of. In making the decision to follow a specific thing, she has then added it to her own collection of interests, the members of which will continue to appear on her Instagram feed every day. It will repeatedly provide her with only photos that she wishes to see. Conversely, for every follower she acquires, she becomes a product of curation and not just an administrator of it. Given that the app is only a few years old, I wasn’t sure how lucky I would be in finding any articles on its relationship with content curation. To my surprise, http://www.convertwithcontent.com actually placed it at the top of their list on “where to curate content.” I have no doubt in my mind that Instagram and all of its fellow social media apps will continue to grow and dominate the world of content curation. 


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