Battlestar Gallactica So Far

I wasn’t at all sure how this show would relate to the curating theme, but now that I’ve seen about half of the first season, I understand now more what the relevance of the show is to this theme . Basically, the Cylons and the humans are both in a position of employing a form of curating, one for preference and for survival. The Cylons are putting into practice the idea they’ve developed that their creators need to be destroyed. So, in a negative form of curation, they are “organizing” the universe how they want it, attempting to change it into a human-free one. The Cylon’s actions against the humans force the humans to make their own “curative” decision, best exemplified in the beginning of season one, when the the decision to make the “jump” and leave all the ships incapable of jumping behind to be destroyed is made, and the humans must deal with the subsequent consequences of this decision. Decisions like these are found throughout the first few episodes as they must often choose between doing the compassionate thing and maintaining their survival. We also see the curating theme in the every day lives of the human leaders as they ration things like fuel, water, and manpower. 


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