Curating Thus Far

FIRST OF ALL , someone showed this to me recently and I know everyone in this class will appreciate it:) 


I didn’t know much about curating at the beginning of the class, and to be honest I’m still sorting my ideas about it out (which I guess is also part of that process itself). I guess my first experience with it was growing up in my house when my father would organize his art collection. He has a wide variety of artwork in every room, and every time he would buy something he would take a lot of care and consideration into where he wanted to add his new piece. If it was in the living room it would mean the people at his dinner parties would be viewing it, whereas the things in the kitchen would be more of a personal thing for him while he cooks.  My father does all of this planning with regards towards himself and the people who frequent my house. This reminds me of the different ways curating has been used on the web now. I had never heard of or used Pinterest, but it seems as though that is more of a personal endeavor to sort out the things you personally like.


When I save something like a book, I try to imagine why it needs to be kept in the first place. Sometimes I just like the physical way the object appears, and sometimes it is the actual content that I want to keep and pass on. We talked a lot in class about history and what people consider being important in passing on. I think that curating has a lot to do with connecting with other people and making them see the importance in the things that you hold important. When people connect a lot over specific things, we can sort out what is generally liked by humans and what is good for them to pass on through the generations. This is hard however, because the concept of what is “good” for our society is different for everyone, which is why he have tried so hard over the years to keep somewhat of an idea of what that is and keep teaching it to students of the world. It is also hard to remember and keep close the information on the internet because it is so gigantic, and new information is constantly being shared and stored.  This is why the concept of curating on the internet is really so interesting, for it seems to be changing the way we hold onto things and how quickly we move on to the next. This also goes along with the whole idea of maintaining the things we consider to be helpful and important in literature and in our culture, and what we should acknowledge but move on from. It seems as though in being a curator one must have a specific moral lens, perhaps imposing their own limits on whatever is being exposed.


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