Global Shakespeares


Although self-described as a global archive, is a heavily curated website. It only provides access to videos, interviews, essays and scripts related to the topic of Shakespeare. The videos are live recordings of Shakespeare productions around the world while the essays, interviews and commentaries are collections of literature written by scholars associated with some aspect of Shakespeare’s legacy.

Despite the fact that the types of information provided are different in regards to category, this is definitely an online collection in that it is interested in the same primary subject. Each submission is carefully reviewed by the site creators for validity and level of relation to the underlying subject of Shakespeare. Furthermore, each addition to the site (whether it be a video or an essay) is a production originating from a reliable source within the scholarly realm of Shakespeare enthusiasts.

I have used this site for assignments in the past and found it to be a very successful collection. Everything included in the various categories aims to give value to the large spectrum of insights inspired by Shakespeare. As an English major who is required to study the works of the great playwright, this particular collection is useful in terms of understanding the impact his plays had (and continue to have) cross-culturally. The simple fact that such a forum exists, and is accessible to Shakespeare fans across the world is a priceless source of education for any interested student of literature.


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