“Death of the curator. Long live the curator.”

In an article entitled “Death of the curator. Long live the curator,” journalist Jeff Jarvis discusses how curators are now considering journalists as threats to their hard-earned positions. While the article extends into a consideration of how this is going to happen (though not coming to any significant declaration), I found the explanations of how the roles of curators and journalists overlap very interesting. The whole idea behind both of these professions is that these people are able to use their skills in order to turn an amount of information into something worth caring about.

The ironic twist in this article comes in Jarvis’ discussion of how journalists are lacking in regards to curatorial skills. Though they have always collected information and given it context in their writing, they are now facing the problem of the internet. Jarvis makes and interesting point at the end of the text as he considers the difference between well curated information and information that is processed through search forums such as Google or Yahoo. The difference is that curation is a form of human selection that gives the information value.

As a writer, I found this article very interesting to read because it made me consider the ways in which I organize information in my own writing, life and thoughts. Meanwhile, it left me hanging on a few loose ends that I hope to achieve a better understanding of at the semester’s end. The question I am hoping to answer at the end of this course is this: what constitutes as valuable information for any given collection of information?



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