Masters Degrees in Curating

As I was “googleing” around some, I came across a page from the University of Kent in England that evidently offers a degree in curating (  Exploring a few more pages I found that most all the universities I came across in the search engine that offer a degree in the subject of curating are located in England (and all of them in Europe). For example, when searching “postgraduate curating”, the first page of results contained 6 results in the UK, 1 in the Netherlands, and one in Germany. It surprised me  to begin with that it was even possible to fashion an entire degree around curating, let alone come up with a class centered around it. The revelation that this much dedication is given to the subject (apparently more in some places than others) is very interesting. In the context of the Manovich article that we are reading  this week about “new media”, I can see how the explosion of information brought about by the inception of the internet will give curating a greater importance as more challenges of organization and preservation. Challenges in organization because of the wide range of artefactual possibilities (digital print, TV, film, etc.), and challenges in preservation because with in increase in information/art/media production comes a greater need to discern what is worth organizing, preserving, and maintaining for future generations. However, in regard to more archaic artifacts that one might expect to see curated in a museum, it’s notable that the existence of postgraduate curating degrees are primarily located in Europe, a continent that contains many more old artifacts that are tangible than are located in a country like the United States, which possesses a much younger history. I can’t help but wonder if there is a relation between the history of the continents and the presence of curating degrees.


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