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  1. There’s a warehouse in Long Island City, New York where Graffiti artists are given the opportunity, free of judicial punishment, to cover the walls in their respective forms of expression. It operates as a street art gallery and is in the process of becoming a school that teaches aerosol art to students along with some other art related criteria. The curator and founder of Five Pointz is a graffiti artist named Jonathon Cohen or by his tag Meres One.

    Five Pointz is a space where a form artistic expression that is largely stigmatized and depreciated by popular and high culture can manifest and thrive. This stigmatization, at least in my opinion, does not detract from the aesthetic brilliance inherent in many of these compostions. Many times graffiti appears to me as a form of guerilla warfare carried out via artistic expression. It is nice to know there is a haven for this type of expression, one which artists from all over the world visit.

    There is a selective process at Five Pointz. Not just any artist can gain admittance to doing their thing there, they must be cleared by the curator. This process is similar to that of any professional art gallery which is one of the reasons why Five Pointz is viewed as such a prominent venue in the graffiti world. When visited, at least when I went as a young lad, it was free of charge to get in which is a sweet deal since almost every work in the place is awesome. I’m not sure what else I can say butttt, I do have a link to the site I will share underneath whatever I’ve written. Check it out if you’re interested, there are pictures of the art, info on the place, all that fun stuff.

    I’m a bit technologically illiterate. I havent a clue how to do this blog thing correctly.

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